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Winter Torino?

Since we started The Lonely Walkers project back in March (or was it end February?) 2010, Marta and I decided to have a summer version (so we spent our summer holidays between Barcelona and Torino) and a winter version. At … Continue reading

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Nature and Photography

When I first began my journey as a photographer I primarily shoot nature, for a series of very practical reasons: first, I live in the country, so I just have to step out of my doorway and find tons of … Continue reading

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Natural light, natural reflectors, natural inspiration.

Do you use natural light? I must say, I’m a natural light photographer, even in dark situations I rather using a wide aperture (and in any kind of situation, as well) than using a flash or an artificial  light. I … Continue reading

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Round trip tickets: Zürich

It’s not a secret that here at the Lonely Walkers we like travelling, and when money and time allow us we grab our luggage – and our cameras of course! -and head for some destination we fancy to go to. … Continue reading

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Fridays are for readers: Henri Cartier-Bresson: The Modern Century.

The Modern Century… through the glass of Henri Cartier-Bresson, one of my Top 2 favourite photographers, and the vision of Peter Galassi. The portrait of a modern society. The portrait of a modern culture (writers and artists… my favourite part … Continue reading

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I love music, I listen to it while walking, going anywhere, in the street… I feel it and think about images and pictures of the place I’m walking depending on the song. I’m not good at remembering names of songs, … Continue reading

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When photography speaks feminine: Collectif Essenci’Elles

In a world where women are hardly visible and represented and the road to full equal rights is still a long and tortuous one, photography is no exception. It’s been and still is a masculine universe, despite great names out … Continue reading

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