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Fridays are for readers: Lolita.

Have you ever read Lolita? To be honest, I haven’t… I tried… twice… but I couldn’t finish it. It was in my “books-to-read” list for a long time since a friend recommended it and, come on! It’s Nabokov! I bought … Continue reading

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Experiencing light in adversity and other tales.

Since last week, I’ve been thinking about writing this post to explain a little bit how the “creation” of the pictures I posted on “about daring and practising” was. Many of you asked and I decided I would tell the … Continue reading

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Introducing myself to Torino.

I must admit I haven’t been to Torino as many times as Marta has come to Barcelona. In fact, last August it was my first time in Piemonte. When I visit a place for the first time I get out … Continue reading

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The language of light

In these last weeks I’ve been thinking about me as a photographer and about my photography as well. I haven’t come up with a conclusion yet, but I’m trying to tidy up the little mess that these last years have … Continue reading

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The long road towards spring

O Wind, If winter comes can spring be far behind? P. B. Shelley – Ode to the West Wind There are pieces of Art that have the power to stick to your mind and accompany you for the rest of … Continue reading

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First of all I want to say THANK YOU! a BIG HUGE THANK YOU!! To all the people who visited our blog yesterday AND today, to all the people who commented and liked it. THANK YOU to everybody that has … Continue reading

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The Lonely Doctors: Pride and Prejudice

So this week it’s my turn to create the “perfect” cover for a book and most happily collaborate with Catalan blog Dr Read Good. First thought: what shall I pick up among the tons of books that I adore? I had … Continue reading

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About daring and practising

Some time ago I decided to become a full time photographer. It’s not something easy to decide but it’s something we must face at some point when you are working on an artistic field. If you want to make a … Continue reading

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What makes you a photographer? Is it only the tools you use or is it something else? Damon Winter is a photographer specializing in documentary, editorial, and portrait photography, and who has won the third place at Picture of the … Continue reading

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